My 2015 Social Media Resolutions

imagesI recently posted a Facebook update declaring that my only New Year’s Resolution was to not make any New Year’s Resolutions. This was received with mixed results.

To soothe the naysayers, I’m reneging on my initial promise and providing a list of my 2015 Social Media Resolutions.

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“Drive”, she said. “Carefully”

downloadI’ve never been a helicopter parent or even a snowplow parent, except now that Sprog #3 can drive the family car. Each time she steps to the front door, car keys in hand, I caution her:
“Watch out for motorcycles, it’s the first dry spring day.”
“Watch out for pedestrians they won’t look up crossing the road because of the snow storm.”
“Don’t leave now, wait until after rush hour/leave now before it starts raining.”
“It’s the first/last  day of school, watch for distracted drivers/the kids.”
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I cheated. There, I said it.

download (1)Today I cheated on a 20-year relationship. I visited a new hairdresser knowing fully well that my regular stylist was open. I took along a hat, umbrella, winter coat and dark glasses for the walk home. Admittedly, I had those items on hand due to inclement weather, but I was prepared to don a disguise at a moment’s notice if I were seen.
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All that glisters is not gold

downloadI haven’t added a new blog post in what seems like a long time. And it’s not for lack of desire. The reason is, I purchased a new toy and it’s been consuming a lot of my time. I bought a new mobile smartphone with data.

I realize that to many people, my new toy is not particularly exciting or even newsworthy. However, in a few short weeks this purchase has changed my behaviour.
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No talking please, we’re from the ‘burbs

imagesToday I rode the commuter train for the first time in almost two years. Not much had changed: the same executives, executive assistants, executive flunkies, and wannabe executives rode the train with me. As luck would have it, while I was waiting I ran into a former co-worker. By the time we boarded the train we were deep into catch-up mode, gossiping and giggling about old times.  It was so nice to see her! We got along famously at work, passing pleasantries, kvetching about office politics and the occasional lunch together.  She was closer in age to the Sprogs than to me – now she had a youngster of her own. Time was marching by.

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Why you can’t go wrong with “Merry Christmas”

IMG_20141124_105812Without doubt, our family’s favourite handmade Christmas decoration is a sleeping hazelnut mouse snuggled peacefully inside a walnut shell. Sprog #1 made it in kindergarten. It’s over 20 years old and looks as fresh as the day she proudly brought it home. All the original pieces are still intact, including the gossamer tinsel used to hang it from the Christmas tree. Our annual argument over who should hang this ornament is second in intensity only to the argument about whose turn it is to put the star on the Christmas tree.

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Crosby still is nice and young

He’s only three but he’s tall for his age.  People expect him to behave a certain way based on how he looks, but he’s young and doesn’t live up to others’ expectations. We only have to whisper the word ‘park’ and he becomes attentive. Once outside he has boundless energy. He likes to run, jump, play and frolic like any three year old puppy. His name is Crosby and he’s black.

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